Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Top Secret TIP

My students all ask me if "I know a trick that keeps their bags clean?" That's piping bags: disposable, feather weight, and etc. This tip will save you money. THIS IS  A MUST READ

Here's what you'll need : saran wrap, icing( homemade or store bought), any piping  bags.  
What I am about to share with you all is top secret, so listen closely.
 Let's get Decorating.

Here's step 1:  Place about the size of sheet of paper of saran wrap on the counter. Then take some icing from your container.  Place icing on the saran wrap. As shown in the photo. 


Now step 2 : Take your icing and roll it long ways like cookie dough. As shown in photo below.

Now step 3: Get your piping bag (any type). Take the top of the bag,  roll it down like a cuff around top of hand. Now get your icing that is rolled into a log like cookie dough shape. Place one end down into the bag, pull the saran wrap string all way through the coupler. As photo demos. 

Now your final step:  Cut the end off the saran wrap that is coming out the coupler or tip. As shown in photo below. Pip your decoration as normal. Then just remove the saran wrap piece, while keeping you bag clean. 

My 2  favorite reasons for this trick is Easy clean up, and I can do this with multiple colored icing and get multi-colored decorations. As shown in the photos below.   

Keep Decorating!! :)

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